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TabIt - Images

TabIt - Images

 Inimitable Image Viewer for Google Chrome by TabIt.

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Inspired by the way online and in-browser tools take away the need of opening separate programs for different purposes, this extension allows you to not leave your browser when viewing images, particularly, locally stored. As well as provides you with much more comfortable tools than default ones for viewing any opened image.

You could have seen the way images are opened by default with lacking of some essential tools and not being able to switch between images inside a folder. That is why you may need 'TabIt - Images' to alter that.

Suitable for:

  • Raster images up to the size [16384×16384] (268 Mpx) - due to the browser's limitations
  • Vector images of the SVG format
  • File extensions: JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO, GIF, SVG
  • URI-schemes: http, https, file, blob, data

IMPORTANT: In order to operate with local files any extension would need you to go to chrome://extensions and check the box that says "Allow access to file URLs" next to according extension. And so does this.



  • <all_urls> - for opening images from any source
  • webNavigation, webRequest, webRequestBlocking - for redirection to image viewer's page

See detailed descriptions of Chrome extensions' permissions here.


  • Saving rotated image
  • Saving to other file extensions + Lowering image quality
  • FullScreen + SlideShow
  • Better smoothness by animation
  • Light theme
  • Other prettification :)
  • Your suggestions?


Version update

Program was rewritten from-scratch, with modular structure and using better programming techniques. Some features were muted till next version.

Two more uri-schemes are now recognized: blob & data.

Version update

Images can now be saved in three formats: PNG, JPEG, JPEG(low quality). E.g. after rotation.

SlideShow is available through context-menu now.

Version update

Initially zooming functionality was based on exploiting the chrome.tabs.setZoom API. Because it was too slow and hard to work with, program was rewritten almost from-scratch to use CSS' means of

First appearance

Users of Google Chrome can open images in separate tabs to view them. 'TabIt - Images' steps in that process, and supplies user with additional tools.

They are: smooth zooming, grab-n-pull navigation through zoomed image, rotation, switching between images in a folder(for locally stored) etc.

Currently acceptable file extensions: JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO, GIF, SVG.