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TabIt - BookMarks

TabIt - BookMarks

 Inimitable BookMarks Manager for Google Chrome by TabIt.

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Bookmarks Manager's functionality can shape all of your browser usage experience. Thus, 'TabIt - BookMarks' will make your Google Chrome even more beneficial.

It replaces the default manager, available at chrome://bookmarks, with the one, you will actually love to use.

You can have some folder to be the default(Home Folder) for you to open and save bookmarks to.

There are four options for bookmarks' thumbnails: Default, None, Captured & Branded. Default and Captured thumbnails are usually screenshots of the corresponding web-sites. Benefits of the 'branded' thumbnails are best revealed, when used in a 'Home Folder'.

Three different layouts are available: Grid(of thumbnails), List & NarrowList(similar to the one in Chrome 62). 'TabIt - BookMarks' comes in two themes - Light & Dark.

Sorting can be done in either: Old-to-New, New-to-Old or Alphabetic order + Put-Folders-First option.

Available keyboard keys and ShortCuts are intuitive.

ONE MORE THING: There is a browser-action dialog window, available through the extension-button, meant to replace a traditional 'star' button to create bookmarks. You can understand its functionality from illustrations below, but it's better to give it a try!

NOTE: Functionality of this extension is necessary to the operation of TabIt - NewTab, which requires it installed and enabled.



  • tabs - for entering bookmarks in new tabs, saving window to bookmarks
  • activeTab - for capturing thumbnails, configuring bookmark creation dialog
  • <all_urls> - for capturing thumbnails
  • clipboardWrite - for copying bookmark's url
  • bookmarks - for access to user's bookmarks
  • storage - for keeping program's configuration & thumbnails
  • unlimitedStorage - for storing prepared thumbnails
  • notifications - for notifying about removed bookmarks & allowing to restore them

See detailed descriptions of Chrome extensions' permissions here.


  • Drag&Drop to the TabIt - NewTab
  • Drag&Drop for the BookmarksTree in a SideBar
  • ContextMenu for the SideBar
  • Availability of offline versions of bookmarked pages and files
  • Better smoothness by animation
  • Other prettification :)
  • Your suggestions?


'TabIt - WebCapture' is out!

Now we prepare web-sites' screenshots for bookmarks' thumbnails with our own server-side-app. We call it 'TabIt - WebCapture'.

It was time to take care and responsibility for this functionality ourselves. Just a week ago, the free public service that was used before went down again.

Many thanks to the LetsValidate API for helping us start. Now we will handle it ourselves.

Version update

As you know, this program synchronises its actions and data with TabIt - NewTab. And in many ways it only meant duplication. Because functionality of the two keeps expanding, it becomes difficult to keep their work syncronous and data perfectly duplicated.

The solution is to delegate most of the responsibilities to just one of them and make the other one dependant. As of this moment, it is 'TabIt - BookMarks' that is responsible for thumbnails preparation and altering bookmarks(creation/editing/sorting/restoring).

TabIt - NewTab will keep storing copies of thumbnails, but only because it speeds up loading of the page.

Version update

All icons were converted to SVG format.

Dark Theme was introduced!

Search for bookmarks is now available.

Version update

Bookmark creation dialog now starts at the last used folder(and has a corresponding button). New-created(available) bookmarks can now be deleted right from the dialog.

Removing bookmarks is now a reversible action. After bookmarks removed, user will be provided with a corresponding notification with a 'RESTORE' button for 5 seconds.

'None' thumbnail is now an option.

Bookmarks tree design was once more revisited and became more convenient.

Header of the program page got thinner and better merges with the browser window format.

As always, some improvements in code productivity. This time, quite major ones. Among all, better programming practices with ES6-capabilities were applied and the most used JS function was rewritten to be more efficient.

We are now ready to accept donations from users. You will find a corresponding button in the extension(or make it from here). We expect that you will pay value for value.

Bug fix

A bug would appear as user changed bookmarks layout. It got in there at the stage of obfuscation. And now it's fixed.

Version update

This extension is now synced with TabIt - NewTab in terms of bookmarks editing and thumbnails preparation. Second one of the two, that is installed, inherits prepared thumbnails by the first one.

Thumbnails are now prepared in the background. So, when a bookmark first appeared on page, its thumbnail is going to be prepared, even if the user leaves the page(closes the tab).

Preparation of the thumbnails is now queued-up in one chain, which allows to reduce the ammount of requests to the server.

Version update

Program was accelerated by HTML & CSS minification, revision of images sizes, and increase in the code productivity.

Now tab's title reflects opened folder's name.

'Ghost image', accompanying dragged elements became context-dependant and more informative.

Version update

As always, new version gains some improvements in code productivity. For instance, folders-tree module was rewritten to track data changes more directly and not make unnecessary refreshing.

More importantly, there is a new browser-action dialog window. It is meant to replace traditional 'star' button with an extension-button to create bookmarks.

Surely, you can understand its functionality from illustrations above. But, let us point out some of the benefits of using it:

  • It doesn't create a bookmark on initial opening of the dialog(on click), but suggests to choose a folder first.
  • Initial suggested folder to save bookmarks to is your 'Home Folder'
  • Folders-Tree is built into the dialog
  • There is a legend to the chosen folder
  • It checks, whether you already have according bookmark of the page and takes you to it, if you want to
  • You can save the whole window to your bookmarks as a folder! It can come in handy, when you want to defer working on some project and have a dedicated browser window to it. Remember, that in 'TabIt - BookMarks' you can open any folder's content as a window.
First appearance

What was introduced as 'BookMarks' module in TabIt extension, now migrated to a separate extension, called 'TabIt - BookMarks'.

It also has gained a Side Bar with Bookmarks Tree, minor improvements in design and major improvements in code productivity.